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Next Steps For Equine Adoption:

1. Return completed equine adoption application form and also attach photo of turn out and shelter to this application then submit.

2. If a suitable animal becomes available, all qualified parties will be notified.

3. Make an appointment to visit with the animal if applicable.

4. If potential adopter and the staff at STSCR are comfortable, the adoption is approved.

*****Pre-purchase exams by your veterinarian are encouraged, at your cost.

*****All animals have negative Coggins, are fully vaccinated and wormed with regular farrier appointments every 6 – 8 weeks.


Please be sure to sign and return to

Southern Twang Second Chance Ranch.


This information will only be used when considering the eligibility of candidates interested in adoption.


"I, the potential adopter, give my veterinarian permission to release information concerning the veterinary care of my animals to Southern Twang Second Chance Ranch. I understand this information is only for the purpose of considering my eligibility for adopting animals from Southern Twang Second Chance Ranch."

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